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As our population continues to grow, so too does the need for government and agencies to obtain private property for public use.  This need includes government obtaining right-of-way and easements for public projects such pipe lines and power lines, road expansion, sewer or drainage projects, and other public improvements.  Since 1995, our firm represents both condemning government agencies and municipalities as well as property owners during all stages of the complicated eminent domain process.

We represent condemning bodies, property owners, tenants, and business owners throughout the condemnation process.  Due to the number of condemnation cases we handle, we have assembled a network of experts who address complex valuation and engineering issues.  Together, we work together as a team to resolve eminent domain matters, whether through trial or negotiation, in a manner consistent with our client’s goals.  Eminent domain is a unique area of a law, let us answer your questions.

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